Matteo Bernasconi is a Sydney-based portrait and figurative artist. His work has been primarily exhibited in Italy, Spain, and Australia, and is held in private collections all over the world.

Bernasconi has been a finalist in several major art awards including the Kilgour Prize, The Shirley, the Percival and the Mosman Art Prize.

Bernasconi’s painterly, sensual works take inspiration from the human condition, offering moments of reflection on feelings, thoughts, and ideas that are normally brushed off in everyday life or deemed taboo. Interested in the range and extremes of emotion, Bernasconi also draws on the thinking of great philosophers and artists like Schopenhauer,  Friedrich Nietzsche, and Franz Kafka.

Bernasconi’s  recent solo exhibition, The Cure, explored the importance of human connection and the far-reaching impacts that the pandemic
had on our relationships and communities.

Poised between stillness and movement, serenity, and dynamism, Bernasconi’s works are exquisite visual provocations, posing questions to the viewer about the human condition.


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