Matteo Bernasconi is a visual artist and founder of Peach Black Gallery. Born in Italy, Matteo graduated as an architect, however from a young age; he had a talent and a love for visual arts. Leaving architecture and Italy behind, Matteo settled in Australia in 2013, working full time as a professional artist. His work has been primarily exhibited in Italy, Spain and Australia and is currently held in private collections internationally.

He was recently selected for the Mosman art Prize the oldest and most prestigious Australian art prize.


Matteo’s work is dynamic and engages the audience on philosophical levels.

You can see Matteo Bernasconi’s work at Peach Black Gallery, 97 Regent Street, Chippendale, Sydney.


Recent Awards

Shirley Hannan National Portrait Award, Bega Regional Gallery, 2020. (Highly Commended).

The Percival,  Perc Tucker Regional Gallery, 2020. Finalist.

Mosman Art Prize, Mosman Art Gallery,  2019. Finalist.

The Fisher’s Ghost Art Prize, Campbelltown Arts Centre. 2019, Finalist.

Naked & Nude Art Prize, Taree Regional Art Gallery, 2019. Finalist.

Shirley Hannan National Portrait Award, Bega Regional Gallery, 2018. Finalist.


Today the modern Art scene needs to typecast artists based on a particular series or method, often dangerously treating the method like the style. My art is not a process and I don’t have a specific method, I experience it in a more universal way, otherwise, it would be too narrow and predictable. Art is exploring, evolving, and a lot of gambling. 

I don’t limit myself to one technique, I vary it, according to the topic. I am curious and interested in something new and unexpected, and when I am good at something and I understand it, I abandon it and move on, looking for something else to explore. Forget all the rules you learned yesterday in order to discover something new today, without being a hostage of your own knowledge.

I don’t have a specific method, I feel that my method and technique changes every time I start a new painting, the approach needs to be related to the subject and the topic. I use techniques in a different way to that in which they have worked before or for which they were originally made for.


My work touch different topics, in the last years I explored different sides of the human condition, embracing philosophical themes.


I think the artwork needs to engage the viewer. The viewer needs to psychologically feel it and experience it.

The painting works when it makes us think and ask a broader range of questions.


I am interested in exploring dark places that we normally don’t allow ourselves to explore but exist behind everyday life, and how, as animals, we react depending on the influences of our environment.
I am influenced by the people around me. I want to catch, trap their energy, not only the appearance. 

I show not only the mere physical appearance, the façade, but I focus on unveiling something else, unseen.  I want to expose what the subject is, not only who the subject is.


I describe the two sides of humans beings, the duality is a recurring characteristic in my paintings.

Whether through multi-figured compositional or with solitary strait portraits I often like to leave the painting open, with a sense of uncertainty.


When I paint I rely on the unpredictable qualities of the medium, I believe that painting is a delicate balance between chances and intervention. I try to be spontaneous when I’m working, and this often reflect in the painting.

Painting for me is like directing without over imposing, it’s try to find the right balance of intervention and freedom, leaving the medium to express itself. This approach brings you to a series of incidents/chances that normally open up you opportunities to work with. 

The unpredictability that happens on the surface has an important role in my painting process, and it is my role as an artist to give a form to these incidents/chances. The result of a good painting often is when appearance take form by a bunch of different mistakes that harmoniously work together.

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Art Shows


Shirley Hannan National Portrait Award, Bega Regional Gallery, 2020. August 2020

The Percival,  Perc Tucker Regional Gallery, 2020. Finalist. July 2020

The Homo Sapiens, Solo show, Peach Black Gallery, Art Month Sydney, Mar-May 2020

The Fisher’s Ghost Art Prize, Campbelltown Arts Centre, 26 Oct-Dec 2019

– Summer Show, Group show, Peach Black Gallery, Sydney, November 2019

Mosman Art Prize, Mosman Art Gallery, 11 Sep – 26 Oct, 2019

Naked & Nude Art Prize, Manning Regional Art Gallery,  7 Sep – 13 Oct 2019

Metamorphosis, Solo show, Peach Black Gallery, Sydney, Mar-May 2019 

– Summer Show, Peach Black Gallery, Sydney, February 2019

Shirley Hannan National Portrait Award, Bega Regional Gallery, Oct-Dec 2018

– The Other Art fair by Saatchi Art, Australian Technology Park, Sydney March 2018

– The Other Art fair by Saatchi Art, Australian Technology Park, Sydney October 2017

– Flesh in Light, Gauge Gallery, Solo exhibition, Sydney. Nov 2016

– Sydney Fringe Festival, Tech Gallery, Sydney. Sep 2016

– Retrospective, Solo exhibition, Myo and Co, Mosman, Mar 2015

– ‘The Art of Cadencia’, Solo exhibition. Alpha Gallery, Newtown, September 2015

– ‘New paintings’  Solo exhibition, Black Penny, Aug 2015

– Artshine Gallery, group exhibition Sep 2015

– The Makery Art,  New works, Solo, Oxford street, Darlinghurst.

– ‘Reflections’, De Moulin Gallery, Annandale, Jan 2015


– TianQi, La Bellezza, Milano, Italy, October 2012.

– Rocca Paolina, Expo In Viaggio, Perugia, Italy, July 2012.

– Gallery Rennella Maxo, c/ Portal Nou 19, Barcelona, Spain, December 2011.

– Artes sin fronteras, portal del angel, corte Ingles, Barcelona, Spain. Sep 2011.

– Expo dip, portal del angel, corte Ingles, Barcelona, Spain, April 2011.

– Gallery Paspartu. c/verdi, Barcelolna, Spain, July 2010.

Publications and media

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