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Metamorphosis is inspired by the novella of the same name by Franz Kafka. The work investigates the transformation and the changes that occur in each of us throughout the span of our lives. Metamorphosis can occur at different levels, whether physically or mentally, and can be so transformative that it provides an escape from a trap that one finds themselves caught in. 


In Metamorphosis, Matteo Bernasconi explores the hidden depths of humans. There is an emphasis on duality in people’s personas which is a reoccurring characteristic in each work. 


He shows not only the mere physical appearance, the facade, but focuses on unveiling something else, unseen and beneath the surface. He exposes what the subject is, not who the subject is.

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The Way Out Is Through
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The Overthinking
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The Being of an Artist
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I Wish I Was Here
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Parts Unknown
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