Artist Statement

My paintings are visual triggers for reflection, I offer up avenues for thoughts while embracing uncertainty and wonder in my work.


They don’t aim to provide a straightforward illustrational meaning; there are no answers to be found. Instead, the goal is to provoke new questions for the viewer, reflecting on the human condition and the spectrum and extremes of human emotion.


They offer moments of reflection on feelings, thoughts, and ideas that are typically brushed off, swept under the rug, or deemed unseemly or beyond the bounds of the polite or the acceptable. I’m drawn to one’s animal urges and reactions, and the influence of an individual’s environment on their behaviour.


Influenced by the people around me, many of my paintings are populated with subjects near and dear to me. I’m interested in capturing a subject’s energy, not just their appearance. Painting is a way for me to understand someone more deeply, to see them more clearly, and to bring them closer. I aim to unveil something usually unseen about the subject, something shadowy or hidden in the persona or attitudes they adopt as they navigate daily life.


Threaded throughout my work is an interest in the duality of man. I am interested in exploring the dark places that we normally don’t allow ourselves to explore but that exist behind everyday life.


When I paint, I embrace the unpredictable qualities of the medium. Painting is a delicate dance of chance and intervention.

I might direct a painting, but I never impose. Leaving the door open for spontaneity is what allows the medium to truly come into its own.

The unpredictability that occurs on the surface plays an important part, and it is my role as an artist to give form to these incidents/chances. The result of a good painting often arises when appearance is created by a variety of different mistakes that harmoniously work together.


Today, the modern art scene typecasts artists based on a method, often dangerously treating the method like a style. 

My art is not a process, and I don’t adhere to a specific method. I claim no specific technique or any sort of bad habit. Rather, each work demands a specific approach that befits the particular energy of a subject.



Art for me is about exploration, evolution, and a lot of risk-taking. I believe in forgetting everything you learned yesterday to discover something new and valuable in the present.


I believe a great painting often emerges through mistakes that exist in harmony with each other. My challenge is to give them form and shape, directing without over-imposing, trying to find the right balance between intervention and letting the paint flow, leaving the medium to express itself.

…allowing yourself to discover one of the rare places on Earth where something unexplainable can still be found.

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