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the cure

The Cure is an artist’s contemplation and visual exploration of the fundamental importance of human connection, both physical and emotional. The importance of this connection is particularly resonant in the wake of COVID-19, a tumultuous period marked by social disconnections, divisions, and restrictions. 

Social relations, an indispensable pillar for human beings, are weakening. In recent years, we have witnessed how technology has been used as a substitute for human interactions.  However, such virtual surrogates cannot simulate the warmth of another person’s touch nor can they replace a meaningful human interaction.   

Even before COVID, a lack of connection had come to increasingly define contemporary society. The isolation that many experience is one of the saddest aspects of modernity, often further amplified by technology.

COVID has intensified these disconnections through the need to maintain distance from others, yet the paradox is that touch and connection are indispensable to health and wellbeing. It’s alarming to witness the lack of conversation about the effects and consequences of social isolation and restrictions on human beings and demonstrates how our society pays mental health little attention. 


COVID emerged in a world shaken by a prolonged storm of international struggle, spreading in a world turbulent and on the edge of breakdown. Like most historical crises, people first experienced a feeling of disruption. Lockdowns, recessions, and pandemics frighten and isolate people, but they can also serve as sources of inspiration. This period put us face to face with our demons, making us rethink our lives, perhaps discovering the meaning in things we didn’t value properly or that we simply took for granted.


The need to have a shared sense of identity, understanding, and reciprocity have come to the fore during this period. Now is the time to come together, weaving and reweaving bonds that unite us. 

The Cure is a visual trigger for reflection, a tool to stimulate new conversations and an increased awareness about the disjointed, technologically reliant era that we find ourselves in. 



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